Sunday, January 4, 2009


Hocking Hills provides some of the best roads for motorcycles in Ohio. There are numerous premarked routes such as the Ohio Scenic Byway that are sure to thrill even the most advanced rider. But if your really in the mood to cut lose just take any one of the county roads that run off of the major thorough fares and you will find yourself surrounded by the best scenery in Ohio. Caves and waterfalls abound here in the hills so be sure and pack some goodies and drinks for a little hike.
One of the best little known hikes is to the largest natural rock bridge in the state of Ohio located on Dalton Road in the Rockbridge State Nature Preserve. At the right time of year there is a beautiful waterfall and the hike to the bridge is breath taking.
Don't miss stopping by the Boulders Edge Emporium located at 11470 Dalton Road right off of route 33 and adjacent to the Rockbridge State Nature Preserve for a little chat with the proprietors Frank and Renee' - they'll provide you with a wealth of info on the best motorcycle routes to take during your visit. Be sure and check out all of the unique handmade items in the gift shop like color changing souvenir tshirts, jewelry, clay items and much more.
At Boulders Edge also boasts three secluded log cabins with hot tubs, fireplaces and comfy beds. If your into camping they have two authentic Sioux style American Indian Tipis that accommodate up to eight people and feature a chiminea inside for a once in a lifetime experience. Be sure and call ahead if your thinking about staying the night because reservations are definitely a plus. The phone number is 740-385-0707 and the website is
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