Friday, May 12, 2017

Hemlock Bridge and Whispering Cave in Hocking Hills

Whispering Cave in Hocking Hills

The 2 New Trails Open to the Public in Hocking Hills

The Hemlock Bridge and Whispering Cave Trails are a new addition to the Hocking Hills Trail system and are not to be missed! It is so nice to know that new attractions can be found in the area. For those of you that hike the hills on a regular basis it is always nice to have a new place to explore.

The Hemlock Bridge Trail can be accessed from the Hocking Hills Dining Lodge parking lot which is located about 1/4 mile south of Old Man's Cave on State Route 664. You will spot the kiosk located at the front of the parking area and that is where the trail begins. I will warn the faint of heart that there are a LOT of steps down in to the gorge. The elevation was stated at 286 feet. Best to take extra water, a good hiking stick and most importantly wear good shoes or boots. This is not a flip flop kind of hike. The trail is extremely well marked and there are signs guiding you all along the way. The stairs may be tough but they make for a beautiful photograph once you get to the bottom.

The sandstone all along this hike is just beautiful and the honeycomb cliffs are some of the best we have ever seen. The trail to Whispering Cave is a short trail you access off of the main trail at the  .7 of a mile point. WOW! is the word that comes to mind. You will round a bend and come upon one of the most peaceful displays of nature in the hills. A massive sandstone recessed cave will come in to view with the gentle sound of a waterfall in the background. The shear size of the cave is a delight and you will want to grab your camera. Plan on spending a little extra time in Whispering Cave because there is just something about the tranquil feeling in this special place that will grab your senses and ground you to the spot. You will not want to leave.

Hiking back to the main trail is only .2 of a mile and you will begin your descent in to the gorge that will lead you to the swinging bridge. Our hike was filled with wildflowers and accompanied by the sounds of the stream that follows the trail. Once you have crossed  the bridge (which is a work of art all on it's own) you will be at the spot that connects you to either the trail to Old Man's Cave (1 Mile) or you can take the trail that will lead you to Cedar Falls (1.5 Miles). You can just turn around at this point and go back to the spot that you parked.

This is an awesome addition to Hocking Hills - so get out and HIKE!

Sunday, May 7, 2017

1. Cabins with multiple bedrooms or a Tipi that sleeps 10

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2. Complete Kitchens

Hocking Hills has a wonderful selection of restaurants but sometimes the cost of eating out can be expensive and eat at the family budget. The good news is that all of our cabins have complete kitchens that include all of the appliances you need to cook a budget friendly meal. Cooking together is also a great bonding experience for the entire family. Each cabin has a propane grill and we provide the propane. Each Tipi has a wood stove on the inside and a fire pit outside. Perfect for those great campfire meals.

3.Free Entertainment

When you stay with us here At Boulders Edge Cabin and Tipi Retreat your cabin or Tipi becomes part of the vacation instead of just somewhere to sleep. Making smores around a campfire and watching the night sky is food for the soul. Hiking to rock formation, beautiful waterfalls, climbing fire towers, swimming and kicking your feet in a running stream are all priceless memories. All of our parks in Hocking Hills are FREE. Each of our cabins also feature a big screen TV with satellite and our Glacier's Edge Lodge has a game room with foosball , pool and darts. Although there are a lot of attractions in the area it is not necessary to spend money on entertainment because there are plenty of FREE things to do in the comfort of your cabin or Tipi.

4. Amazing DEALS

At Boulders Edge Cabin and Tipi Retreat we understand the value of spending time together and want you to have an affordable vacation in Hocking Hills! Therefore we have partnered with several of the local attractions to offer you amazing deals. We offer you substantial discounts at some of Hocking Hills most popular attractions such as Hocking Hills Canopy Tours Zip Line, High Rock Adventures (rappelling, rock climbing and eco tours), Hocking Hills Air Tours and Spotted Horse Ranch for horseback riding. It's a good idea to keep watching our Facebook Page for last minute deals on cabin rentals and special discounts we offer from time to time

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Four Great Ways our Cabin and Tipi Rentals

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Thursday, June 5, 2014

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Hocking Hills Cabin Rental At Boulders Edge

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Hocking Hills Cabin Rental At Boulders Edge

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Sunday, January 4, 2009


Hocking Hills provides some of the best roads for motorcycles in Ohio. There are numerous premarked routes such as the Ohio Scenic Byway that are sure to thrill even the most advanced rider. But if your really in the mood to cut lose just take any one of the county roads that run off of the major thorough fares and you will find yourself surrounded by the best scenery in Ohio. Caves and waterfalls abound here in the hills so be sure and pack some goodies and drinks for a little hike.
One of the best little known hikes is to the largest natural rock bridge in the state of Ohio located on Dalton Road in the Rockbridge State Nature Preserve. At the right time of year there is a beautiful waterfall and the hike to the bridge is breath taking.
Don't miss stopping by the Boulders Edge Emporium located at 11470 Dalton Road right off of route 33 and adjacent to the Rockbridge State Nature Preserve for a little chat with the proprietors Frank and Renee' - they'll provide you with a wealth of info on the best motorcycle routes to take during your visit. Be sure and check out all of the unique handmade items in the gift shop like color changing souvenir tshirts, jewelry, clay items and much more.
At Boulders Edge also boasts three secluded log cabins with hot tubs, fireplaces and comfy beds. If your into camping they have two authentic Sioux style American Indian Tipis that accommodate up to eight people and feature a chiminea inside for a once in a lifetime experience. Be sure and call ahead if your thinking about staying the night because reservations are definitely a plus. The phone number is 740-385-0707 and the website is
Feel free to post your thoughts on biking in the hills.

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